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pay per click advertising

Digital Innovations presents a comprehensive suite of PPC management services meticulously designed with your target audience in mind. Initially, our experts tailor Pay-Per-Click strategies to align with customer requirements. This approach empowers our team to craft distinct consumer messages according to the buyer’s journey stage they find themselves in. This overarching strategy aids brands in visualizing the various phases consumers undergo while making purchasing decisions.

a powerful approach for all budgets

Full-funnel marketing encompasses four stages: awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. It starts with consumers researching potential solutions to their problems, then progressing to product comparisons for the best fit. As they advance through the buyer’s journey, they eventually reach a decision to say yes to a product or service, and even after that, they continue seeking valuable information to maximize their usage. Since the marketing funnel operates as a continuous cycle, advertising shouldn’t halt after the initial conversion. It remains crucial to consistently market to your existing customer base with content related to upselling, cross-selling, and other beneficial information to maintain your position as a subject matter expert.


our approach

We rely on a data-driven approach, which means we formulate strategic decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. Our PPC management team firmly believes that numbers provide truthful insights. Hence, we meticulously analyze multiple data sources to offer the most valuable recommendations. Leveraging tools such as Google Analytics for tracking ad performance and Google Data Studio for consolidated insights, we ensure our decisions are underpinned by robust, accurate data. After scrutinizing the analysis, we share our findings with clients and promptly adapt to enhance results—there’s always room for improvement.

paid search advertising

Our team focuses on creating the smartest, most cost-effective paid search marketing strategies to deliver positive returns on your investment

PPC marketing

We can help you re-engage potential clients with an interest in your business or services by serving them a compelling, branded message at the best time to make the biggest impact.

social advertising

Connect with your audiences across the social media world. We can help put your brand in front of the right target with behaviorally-targeted, results-focused campaigns.

display advertising

From banner ads to rich media, our team can create, implement and effectively track display advertising campaigns to grow brand exposure, drive engagement and boost conversions.

video advertising

Captivate your audience with creative, action-driving video ads for an interactive brand experience sure to connect with your targets.

Lets start the journey of Google Ads

Our team will dig into your brand’s virtual footprint to help you pinpoint key opportunities, overcome challenges and ultimately boost your business.


Scaling SEO to the moon

Our EdTech client doubled their organic traffic two years in a row. Learn how:

  • New blog users rose by 3,022%
  • Organically-sourced visitors grew to 600K+
  • Optimized website content increased by 442 blog posts